About the Little Angels Service Team (L.A.S.T)

The team was created by 20 likeminded people (Teachers, Students and Well-wishers) from Pedda Kottala on September 24, 2013 in order to provide a full education for economically poor children.

Economically poor children of the village, who are studying in St. Joseph’s High School, will be selected by the committee.  After a complete review individual applicants will be finalized and once the selection is completed, those children will be provided Tuition Fee, Uniform and Books.  Once they are selected they will get full support to complete their graduation in order to secure a decent job.  After graduation they will join the LAST team to extend the support to additional poor children.  This program is to provide full support; the annual expenses.  We must focus on Quality, not Quantity.

There are hundreds and thousands of economically poor children in and around Pedda Kottala.  It may not be possible to extend a hand to all, but it will be good to extend a helping hand until it hurts.

Team Officers

President    Premnath Reddy Pagidela

Secretary     Vimala Boreddy
Treasurer    Aruna Kuamri Nali
Member        Sudharshan Reddy  Seelam
Member        Ramanamma Annem