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St Catherine of Siena 8156
• 4800 Convict Hill Rd.   •Austin, TX 78749   • 512-892-2420 x44

Ladies Auxiliary

The purpose of this organization is Faith, Friendship, and Service.  The Ladies Auxiliary provides the opportunity for wives, (mothers, daughters, granddaughters, sisters and widows), of Knights of Columbus members to come together with the primary purpose of providing assistance to the St. Catherine of Siena - Knights of Columbus Council 8156.  This assistance may include help at KOC sponsored events, fundraising and set-up and beautification of facilities.  The organization also provides the opportunity to form friendships and serve Christ by serving our church and our community.

Meeting Information
Ladies Auxiliary meetings are held once a month September through May, with many social, charity and fundraising events scattered throughout the calendar year.  Meetings are held at St. Catherine of Siena church or at a member’s home on the second Monday of every month @ 7:00pm.

• Pot Luck Dinners • Crafts and Games • Handmade Cards for Homebound
• Charity Support • Bake Sales • Guest Speakers and Presentations
• Thanksgiving Baskets  • Social Events
• Recognition Events – Wives Appreciation Dinner, Awards Banquets

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